Best in Class for Lightweight Cellular Concrete in Australia

CemAir™ is a lightweight cellular concrete suitable for both civil uses and use in the construction industry.

The Essential Components of CemAir™ Superior Lightweight Cellular Concrete

What sets CemAir™ apart from other types of concrete? Lightweight, fireproof and highly insulative, its properties include:

  • High STC (Sound Transmission Class) capabilities, meaning it is effective at reducing noise levels within and through buildings.
  • High FRL (Fire Resistance Level) capabilities to keep buildings and their occupants safe.
  • Highest BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) compliant, which is an especially important precaution against the impact of bushfires for Australian buildings.
  • High insulative capabilities, meaning the concrete has the ability to maintain a desired temperature without using energy to do so.
  • Lightweight from 200kg/m³ — 1800kg/m³.


FrameCast™ is a manufacturing technology resulting in engineered structural and/or non-structural primary building elements. It is a composite of light gauge steel and/or timber framing encased in CemAir™ concrete.

Construction Uses

Construction Uses

  • Underfloor insulation and stabilisation for unstable soil, high moisture soil, permafrost soils and preventative rising damp diaphragms
  • Insulative floor topping for cold rooms and controlled environment applications under specified floor treatments
  • Insulative roof topping for use under waterproof systems
Civil Uses

Civil Uses

  • Bulk filling of pipe trenches, voids, construction voids, tunnels, pools, soil stabilisation, retaining systems and grouting where specific characteristics are required.

Want to know more about how CemAir™ lightweight cellular concrete can be made to work for you? Get in touch.

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