Commercial Concrete Supplier and Manufacture of CemAir™ in Australia

CemAir™ is a variable density engineered lightweight cellular concrete composite. As a commercial concrete supplier, I will supply the chemicals, design, development and manufacture of the machinery and systems required for the commercial production of CemAir™. CemAir™ is comprised of the essential components of cement powder, water, as well as a variety of additives, dependent on the characteristics required by the client.

Commercial Production of CemAir(TM)

These components are blended together, producing a slurry, and then homogenised with cold-formed stabilised foam. Sand may be added to some mixes, and fibres are added for micro reinforcing.

All systems and machinery used in the production of CemAir™ can be tailored to your specific user requirements. Get in touch for everything from individual pieces of equipment to fully integrated systems.


  • Foam production from 50 litres/min — 2,000 litres/min (or more if required)
  • Pumps to suit capacity requirements
  • Full material handling systems, see specification profile on the Contact page


  • Foam concentrates
  • Foam admixes
  • Specialist cement and binders (non) portland cement
  • Fibres
  • Specialist reinforcing

What makes CemAir™ different?

Browse below to find out



CemAir™ is a lightweight concrete. Please see the Product page for more details.



CemAir™ is fire-proof to meet building safety requirements. Please see the Product page for more details.



CemAir™ has high insulative capabilities for uses in underfloor, floor topping and roof topping. Please see the Product page.

For more information about how CemAir™ lightweight concrete can be made to work for you, get in touch or see the Product page.

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