CemAir™ is a variable density engineered lightweight cellular concrete composite

The only comercial concrete suppliers in Australia for CemAir™

At CemAir™ we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality chemicals and equipment to our customers. We  provide our goods in commercial quantities for all builders and construction industries.

The Essential Components of CemAir™ Superior Lightweight Cellular Concrete

The essential components of CemAir™ are cement powder, water and a variety of additives.

Dependent on the required characteristics of the final product, these ingredients are blended to produce a slurry, then homogenised with cold-formed stabilised foam. Sand may be added to some mixes, as well as fibres added for micro reinforcing.

The final concrete product is well-suited for both civil uses and use in the construction industry.

As well as supplying the chemicals for the concrete, I design, develop and manufacture machinery and systems for the commercial production of CemAir™.

  • Foam production from 50 litres/min — 2,000 litres/min
  • Pumps to suit capacity requirements
  • Full material handling systems

All systems and machinery are tailored to specific user requirements, from individual pieces of equipment to fully integrated systems.


  • High STC (Sound Transmission Class) capabilities
  • High FRL (Fire Resistance Level) capabilities
  • Highest BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) compliant
  • High insulative capabilities
  • Lightweight from 200kg/m³ — 1800kg/m³


  • Foam concentrates
  • Foam admixes
  • Specialist cement and binders (non) portland cement
  • Fibres
  • Specialist reinforcing


Civil Uses:

  • Bulk filling of pipe trenches, voids, construction voids, tunnels, pools, soil stabilisation, retaining systems and grouting where specific characteristics are required.

Construction Uses:

  • Underfloor insulation and stabilisation for unstable soil, high moisture soil, permafrost soils and preventative rising damp diaphragms
  • Insulative floor topping for cold rooms and controlled environment applications under specified floor treatments
  • Insulative roof topping for use under waterproof systems

Contact us for the latest technology in concrete for the construction industry, fireproof and lightweight.

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